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Company Profile

Our Company

Jiangsu U-Top Foreign Economic Cooperation Co., Ltd is specialized in foreign economic cooperation business. Benefit from rich human resources in China with continuously improvement of service standard, the company has been setting up its brand in international market.
2006: Approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security of P.R.C. as Licensed Overseas Employment Agency. (Issued Number: No. 452 [2006])
2009: Approved by the Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C. as Licensed Foreign Labor Service Cooperation Company. (Issued Number: J320020090005)
2011: Approved by the Depatment of Commerce of Jiangsu Province as Licensed Foreign Labor Service Cooperation Company. (Issued Number: LW320020110003)
2015:Nominated as the Member of the Council by China International Contractors Association.
Our Philosophy

Sincerity, Law-abiding, Efficiency, Cooperation, Win-win.
Our Performance
In the past 10 years, more than 15,000 skilled Chinese workers and technicians have been successfully dispatched by our company to work in manufacturing & service industries in international labor market. There are more than 5,000 workers and technicians still in the process of employment contract period with foreign employers. All these make us become a pioneer in the market.

Our Clients

The dispatched personnel engage in many industries including electronics, mechanical, chemical, construction, garment, food, construction, hotel, F&B, financial, health care, education etc. The position we are able to recruit covered from cleaner, production operator, customer service staff, and sales to technician, construction supervisor, engineer and manager etc.

Our Services

> Assisting client to analysis job content and requirement.
> Select right region to implement the recruitment.
> Pre-screening of suitable applicants before interview and eventual selection by the company’s representative(s). (IQ, EQ, English, Math, as well as some other professional knowledge tests that related to the job will be adopted during this process according to the job requirement)
> Assisting company’s representative(s) to arrange all the necessary issue related to conduct interview in China.(If necessary)
>Handling all necessary documentation and assisting company to deal with competent authorities to obtain work passes for the personnel recruited.
> Assisting company to conduct orientation before the successful candidate’s departure to ensure that he/she has a basic understanding of the new environment and adapts it.
> Following management after personnel start to work for foreign employer, assisting both employee and employer to solve problems occurred during the whole employment contact period.

Our Strength
> High qualified & efficient team
> Over 15 years’ expertise in employment agent industry
> Comprehensive services
> Strong regional network

Our Process